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6th February 2007

11:18am: Sanded head
I've been working on this head but I think I went a bit too far with the chin . I may have to remake the jaw at some later date. For now I will continue with the rest of the character.

1st February 2007

10:23pm: Here is the beginnings of another marionette that I started the other day. He will be known as the Devil's Advocate and will interact with the character in the previous post.

22nd January 2007

11:23am: Hi I haven't posted in a while but I have been working on other things and I have only just got back to working on my marionette again. Here are the latest photos.

10th August 2006

10:19am: Here is an update to the marionette I've been working on. As you can see, the legs are almost finished.

20th July 2006

11:55am: Recent Sculpture
Here are some images of scupltures I have recently been working on. They were made in clay and I then cast them into concrete

This is a still from a looping 30 minute animation I made in "lightwave 3D" called "eat'n'eat'n'eat".
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